Sunday, 23 December 2007


Mark Mikel “I think I've mentioned this before but Nonsvch is my favorite XTC album. Wrapped in Grey, The Ugly Undereneath, Then She Appeared, Humble Daisy, That Wave- all amazingly fantastic songs with a high "cool factor." The Dukes of Stratosphear is really my fav but doesn't really count as an XTC album, no? I discovered them late really. I read a review of Psonic Psunspot in Rolling Stone magazine and it described music that I didn't think anyone made anymore. When I heard it I thought they were doing the same thing I was doing but only much better. The main difference is they were being silly and I was taking it seriously.

I looked for their next album and I was pretty excited when Oranges & Lemons came out. I was confused by that album because the songwriting was great but the recording quality was pretty unlistenable to my ears. I managed to get through it enough to learn the songs. Chalkhills and Children is the winner on that album. Mayor of Simpleton was perfect pop songwriting.I bought many of the previous releases and followed them pretty faithfully up until The Apple Venus schtuff. Don't know why I stopped really. I think the idea of the band falling apart took my interest down a few notches. Unreasonable prejudice, I suppose. Andy Partridge is one of the few well known pop/rock recording musicians still around today who is legitimately worthy of being called an artist. Not many left to look to nowadays.”

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