Monday, 24 December 2007

Mark Mikel's dream production jobs

Mark Mikel has produced many local bands down the years but if he could pick anyone to produce who would he choose?

“Here's my dream list- keep in mind that this is to produce- not to be an actual part of their band:
Paul McCartney. I'm still in awe of the big Macca. I think Chaos & Creation it's his best production since the early 70s. I don't mean it's as good but it's pretty darn close. The production has been crappy on many Macca albums but aside from the odd dodgy or unfulfilled composition, his writing is still very strong in my opinion.I know this sounds cocky but Paul should have his next album recorded by Scott Hunt and me. That would be a brilliant move on his part. He needs to leave the multi-million dollar crapball studios and get into mine where only music matters- not a bunch of "digital gadgets&fixes." We know exactly how we'd produce him because we discuss this all the time. I've studied his music for most of my life. I feel like I know him. Paul's biggest enemies are "perfection" and that lounge-style of singing he's employed since Broadstreet. And if the drum sound is not right (which it rarely is)- forget it. If it's too perfect and spot on- there's no saving the track. Still the McCartney era is almost over and he's done well more than his fair share of great music.

The Monkees. As arrogant as this may sound-and though they deserve it anyway- I can virtually guarantee their place in the Hall of Fame if they have one more go the right way. It's just something I've believed for years. Even though they're still alive- it's probably too late. I've studied their music since the earliest age. The Monkees' career is plagued with bad decisions. Out of roughly a dozen albums they only have 2 consistently great ones- Headquarters/PAC&J. "Head" is arguable- still it suffers from only containing half an album's worth of songs.Most anything they've done since has only confirmed in my mind that they don't understand their own strengths and appeal.

Producing Brian Wilson would scare the hell out of me- but I'd love to keep him away from digital instruments. I have the new version of Smile I think they did a great job. The only drawback (to me) is the vocals. There's no way to reproduce those magical voices singing together. Brian's voice isn't quite right either. I wish he could have finished it when Carl was still alive. No Carl Wilson vocals is the biggest downfall of all. I Do love how they went back to the old studio where it was originally done and used the old equipment. For that reason the music is very well produced. It's easily the best music that's come out in over 20 years. That writing is totally sent from God.

The Rolling Stones, The Kinks or Ray Davies, Ringo

There are others out there, who are still performing or still able to record, that I think I would benefit from getting their hands dirty in my studio:The Moody Blues, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Steppenwolf (but only if they include Goldy McJohn), Peter Frampton, Tom Jones, The Zombies, Ian Hunter......

Every day is one more day too late, guys. C'mon.”

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