Saturday, 24 January 2009

The Rude Boys

Davey Murnen. "Hey Thought you guys might enjoy these. I've recently connected with my old mate Pat Gleespen..He’s the bass player with the red hair. He sent me some photos of my very first band the Rude Boys…name stolen from the Specials( Coventry ) record label.The first shot shows the whole band…Tim Peat Lead Guitar..Pat Gleespen Bass and Vocals… Anthony Makes Rythym Guitar and Vocals…and Me on Drums and vocals…the other two shots are from a back yard party we put on in the summer of 81 just after graduating from the eight grade…the shot with the collared shirts shows us at the eight grade graduation…the band that was playing went to school with my older brother so they let us come up and do 3 songs. My Generation by the Who is the song we are playing ..we also did Labotomy by the Ramones and Bowie,s Suffragette City ..In the middle shot…Tim Peat sat behind the kit so I could come out and sing My Generation…that was always our finale."