Friday, 11 February 2011

Dark Ocean Colors and The Mark Mikel Band

Dark Ocean Colors
CD Release Date: Spring 2011
Mark Mikel and Scott Hunt
crashing the sky
my barbara closed the doors
same old mistake
the other line
love you much better
she’s a cornucopia
own the day
lazy lighthouse jupiter band
alone with candy
dream away

This self-titled CD, is a new collaboration by Mark Mikel and Scott Hunt described as psychedelic, avant-garde, pop, style music. "It’s the music that everyone else forgot to make", says Mark. The music is dimensional, thick and layered, including various different instruments. Some of them you may hear on this CD are twelve-string acoustic, cymbal crashes, bass, electric six-string, electric twelve-string, cello, guitar scrapes, mic thumps, synthesizer, tambourine, echo’d vocals, glockenspiel….and that’s just one song! A big part of their sound is Mark’s new Mellotron, a classic analogue tape-based keyboard, rarely used by today’s artists. A labor of love, Mark and Scott wrote and composed all of the tracks, and played all of the instruments, in addition to special guest artists Scott Tabner, Dan Chalmers (former Pillbugs bandmates), Ev Harris, Cecilia Johnson, and Jumpin’ Jerry Glesmer.
Out of a pool of recordings and compositions in progress since 2007, the first CD contains 10 tracks, and a second release is due out in the Fall of 2011 on the Rainbow Quartz label. Hunt and Mikel, long-time friends and collaborators have worked together on numerous recordings over the past 15 years.

The Mark Mikel Band is other the new combo.

Mark Mikel - Vocals/Acoustic guitar
Chris Shutters - Vocals/Lead guitar/Flute
Brian Albright - Bass/Vocals
Ev Harris, Jr. - Drums
Greg Robie - Percussion/Vocals