Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Pillbugs live at Village Idiot Maumee July 21 2009

"The show opened with Mark and Dan Playing "Get away for the summer". They then played "Chastity Rose","No Joke","May","Hanging around at Five",Then Davey joined for "Idiot Smiles" and "Paper Aeroplanes" . Dan and Mark continued with "Greeting Committee" and "Feeding the Seagulls" . Mark,Dan and Cecilia Johnson then played "Popcicle Island" and "It's so Good to be Alive"Mark then invited Muffy to sing "I can Never be a Bird" with he and Dan.Then Finally The four Bugs took the stage to play "Life as it Happens","Hold me so Near","Play the Hearback","Soundman",Son of Shirley","I deliver my Love to You" and an un-named tune from the forth coming Tabner disc.Mark then went solo with "Ball of String".Mark and Dan then played "The Kind of Trouble I want","Red Light Summer". Then Dan took the mic and they played "The Plot Next to Garcia". They continued with "Girl on a Lazer Beam".Then Davey came back for "The Peasant Girls". Dan and Mark continued with "Can't Get It Right (So I'm Loving It Wrong)",Then "Madeline"and"Comburda"(with Davey). "Tho Doth Warm me like the Sun", "Liberty Town of Love". "The Kick around Boy","Pretty Young and Free"(With Davey). "Faceless Wonder","Orange Sky People","Happy Birthday","Delicious","The King of Zorg" and "Out in the Midnight. For a grand total of 38 songs!"

"Still beaming after a few days. The presence of the Pillbugs all on stage was incredible energy unleashed and all I could think of is, they need to play live more! The onstage relationship of these incredible musicians and the power of the music was so palatable, one could eat it up with a spoon for dessert! Do you guys have any idea how great you all sound together? Seriously....I hope that it happens again soon and quite frankly, the whole band might consider doing gigs together first locally and then some light touring. I know family considerations and work schedules have a way of getting in the way but this is way too sweet to not share it with the world....I am a bit selfish and I am very fortunate to have you so close to home, hell, I could walk to the Idiot and back , but what we witnessed was beautiful and so powerful that I think the world is ready."

photos by Anna