Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dark Ocean Colors- Patches and Patterns

MM: Here's brand new music. The enigmatic songwriting genius Scott Hunt and I give you an EP of new Dark Ocean Colors songs. The second album should be out later this year. In the meantime, here's some richly produced psychedelic pop that won't be included on the next album.

The Idiot Smiles -remastered

MM: The Hi-Def "Idiot" and the remastered "Idiot" are of the same source: The recent transfer of from 2trk analog tape to 24bit (via an M-Audio ProFire). I uploaded the straight 24bit files for the HiDef version then uploaded the 16bit files (derived from the 24bit) for the remastered CD version. The dynamics are preserved in both versions and no noise reduction, eq or compression was used. Any EQ issues I had with the original release are corrected purely by proper transfer. http://illuminatingdrink.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/MARK%20MIKEL%20THE%20IDIOT%20SMILES

Sorghum Pudding - remastered

MM: Sorghum has been made louder for Itunes. I'm still in the process of transferring the 2trk masters for the Hi-Def version so, for Itunes I used the original CD upsampled to 24bit and then spot-enveloped some of the most outrageous peaks (and on Sorgum they ARE outrageous), compressed slightly with a Neve plug-in and then I raised the overall level. Again- no noise reduction or EQ. The mp3s on Itunes now rock like they should. The HD version of Sorghum will be completely "unfutzed with digital processes". The dynamics on the masters are ridiculous. http://illuminatingdrink.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/sorghum%20pudding

Cosmic Surprise


The Best..super remastered

Everybody Wants A Way Out remastered


Buzz For Aldrin -remastered


Happy Birthday remastered


3 Dimenional remastered


The Pillbugs remastered