Friday, 30 October 2009

Mark Mikel update october 2009

Mark Mikel "So what's been going on you may ask?

I've purchased a brand new Mellotron from Sweden and it's taking forever to get it. I ordered it in May. I've been basically obsessed with the excitement of its arrival. But it keeps getting delayed for various reasons. Markus Resch (the only man in the world I know of who still builds these things) has had me first in line in his latest production run of 20 machines. Behind me is the Smashing Pumpkins and Wilco among others.We're planning on using it heavily on the Tabner album and the songs I've been writing and recording with Scott Hunt. Both of those projects are coming along nicely. ST's got about 10 tracks in production right now. I think his album is going to be amazingly cool. Still lots of work to do, so I wouldn't expect to see a release of this until late 2010.The Hunter and I have 21 and we're shooting for 30 before we release anything. We intend to release a CD with 10-12 tracks in early 2010 and we are determined to have a huge lot to choose from. Scott Hunt (for those who may not know already) writes, sings and plays many instruments. All of our songs are written together and between us we overdub most of the parts pretty equally. Like Pillbugs tracks, the songs vary in sound and mood. Some very psychedelic songs along with straight-up pop, rock, r&b and experimental schtuff. Other musicians who have contributed so far include Tabner (guitar), Chalmers (drums), Jerry Glesmer (Flute/Sax), Chris Shutters (guitar/flute) and Ev Harris (drums).But that's mainly what I've been involved with. Thank you all!"