Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Updates from Mark Mikel

35 years ago today I recorded my first multitrack recording because my parents bought me a Teac 4-track machine for my 17th birthday. I know I promised the celebratory boxed set on Sept. 2 but the hard copy will take just a little longer. However, under the wire, here is the downloadable (at 96/24 or below) and streamable version. Go to the posts below and there are 4 new albums worth of songs from the late 1970s ("Monsters In The Sea', "Spiders In The Basement", "Music In Your Eyes" and 'Murals In Your Head"). Recorded during my senior year at E.L. Bowsher High School- the same year I flunked music theory. ;) Featuring some appearances from all the guys from Marikesh ( Scott Tabner Ian McCormack Dan Rhyand) plus a 19 year old pre-Damien Chuck Stohl and more. Many of my old high school friends will probably remember many of these. Also I'm going to perform a 35th Anniversary Concert at The Maumee Indoor Theater Nov. 23rd at 8pm. Along with the same band performing with me on the Progressive Nation at Sea 2014 ( Jeff Kollman, Bill Hubauer, Ian McCormack, Zak Freed, Brad Babcock and The Monclovian 1st Irrational String Quartet). We'll be performing songs from the Marikesh days to lots of Pillbugs to the present. Tickets are $25 and go on sale online this Friday 6th of September 2013.  

This is THE biggest news I've ever had!!!: I've been asked to perform along with the greatest musicians in the world on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. Progressive Nation At Sea 2014. Does life get any better than this?
Mike Portnoy (everybody's favorite drummer) asked me to bring my band and perform. I still can't believe it. And my band is killer: Jeff Kollman on guitar, Bill Hubauer on keys, Ian McCormack on bass, Zak Freed on keys/guitars and Brad Babcock on drums. Check out who's also on the bill. We're going to play lots of Pillbugs songs for Mike.

Mike Portnoy:" Better late than never: I'm just discovering the (sadly defunct) brilliant psychedelic pop band The Pillbugs and the talents of Mark Mikel...these CD's are must-hears for fans of The Beatles, Zappa & Jellyfish (big thanks to Chris Herin from Tiles for turning me onto them...)"
The amazing Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre, Transatlantic, Flying Colors, The Winery Dogs) is obsessed with The Pillbugs? We must've done something right, yes? He's one of the greatest drummers/musicians on the planet. And they don't come any cooler either. Mike, thank you for the endorsement of a lifetime!!!
 My new CD "Dark Ocean Colors- Close Enough To See" is available today on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc...
For fans of Sorghum Pudding and The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream. This could be my best CD ever. Very rocking. Featuring my partner in crime, musical genius Scott Hunt plus John Grafing, Chris Shutters, Cecilia Johnson (violin), Carla Weltin (Violin), Jim Anderson (cello), Florian Simioanca (viola). Check it out please because I really believe you'll love it! For actual CDs you'll have to contact me for now because I haven't distributed them yet. . Peace and Love! Mark
  read a review here  lhttp://active-listener.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/dark-ocean-colors-close-enough-to-see.html

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