Friday, 21 December 2007

Live Shows

Yes they played loads of great gigs down the years but sometime through no fault of their own they played some bad ones too

Mark Mikel" We've had lots of horrible moments at gigs (breakdowns and such) but here's some actual shows that stick out in my mind.I can't remember the name of this club but they heard nothing but great things about us and hired us for a week-long stint.The place had an electrical problem (I can't remember the name of the club- maybe the other bugs might remember- if they'd ever post). There was a horrible buzzing sound coming through every piece of equipment on the stage.We couldn't get our gear to sound right as everything was being drowned out by this buzz sound. The owner of the club said it was not their electric problem- he said it was our equipment. I argued with him with perfect logic that totally went over his head. I said, "You mean to tell me that ALL our equipment just amazingly went BAD at the same time with the exact same problem?" He said, "Yes- no other band has ever had a problem here."We went back and forth and made each other very angry. To make matters worse, he wanted us to play VERY quietly- as this was a huge venue that reverberated like a garage (if it was empty- and it WAS). We went ahead and played but we sounded so wimpy, buzzy and horrible that every person that walked in walked out again.We played two horrible nights before we were fired.

There was another show (Where was this one guys?) on St Patrick's day- maybe about 7 or 8 years ago. We were playing a really great show in a huge tent and everybody loved us. But we have this funny relationship with our Toledo-area audiences. They don't like to stand too close to us. Except when we had a hit on the radio- then they clamoured to the stage.So at this show, the audience is captivated and really supportive from about 20 feet back from the stage- except for one crazy guy who was standing right in front of us yelling things at us. I couldn't ever hear what he was saying but he was completely annoying. This went on for about 6 or 7 songs. I was getting ready to kick him in the face but somebody came up and got him to back off.I know that I've pissed off the other bugs by berating the audience when we get treated like we're nothing.

I've gotten us fired plenty of times.
Everybody expects me to behave "professionally" but I don't know what that is and I don't really ever want to know. I know that almost every "professional" in the business we have to deal with treats us like shit. And I don't think I've ever came close to behaving as badly as these people.When you are an unsuccessful musician, people think they own you. They think you want to be heard so bad that you will do anything and agree to anything so you can have your moment to play rock star. I always like to show them that isn't so.Our worst shows always begin with someone telling us to turn down. That's when I begin to start shoving it up their ass and Chalmers is always right there with me. We know they made the mistake by hiring a rock band when they wanted a little background music and Dan and I like to make them pay for their mistakes.It's either that or sound like shit. I always choose the not sounding like shit. Chalmers is a loud drummer- like Keith Moon and John Bonham. How many successful gigs would those guys have had holding back?

The silliest gig would be all five of us walking out at Ned Skeldon's ball field and performing "The Star Spangled Banner" before a Mudhens game."

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