Monday, 24 December 2007


Rainbow Quartz 2007

1. Here’s to the End of Time
2. Faceless Wonder
3. 4 sec Nightmare in a 5 sec Dream
4. Good to Be Alive
5. All in Good Time
6. Make Like Arthur Lee
7. Alluring Martha
8. Charlie Blue Car
9. Hold Me So Near
10. King of Zorg
11. Spaced-Out
12. Liberty Town of Love

Rainbow Quartz is an innovative record label started by music attorney and former musician Jim McGarry, who is located in Manhattan. The label is currently distributed worldwide by Red Eye USA. At a time when major labels are becoming mega-corporate-monoliths with diminishing interest in the underground and alternative music scenes, Jim McGarry has "first look" as both an attorney and international label A&R source at some of the finest, most talented, and interesting unsigned artists and bands in the world. Rainbow Quartz releases guitar-pop and rock with a jangly psychedelic edge as well as solid singer songwriters and bands with a cerebral and artsy bent.

RQ bio. This fab Ohio-based psychedelic pop band have agreed to release a formidable compilation of their most serious forays into guitar-based psychedelia (which includes some remixes) – with the opening two tracks on the album being brand new, never before heard perfect pop confections. Track 1 is downright REVOLVER-esque with sitars galore, evoking early TRAFFIC. Track 2 is one of the most perfect pop songs we have heard in years with chiming guitars and gorgeous harmonies. The album also boasts sophisticated sounds that would make BILL NELSON of BE BOP DELUXE smile. This is a must-have album for any Rainbow Quartz fans of MYRACLE BRAH and COTTON MATHER – and just about any fan of 21st Century BEATLE-esque pop and rock. THE PILLBUGS, proclaiming themselves “the world’s most psychedelic band”, are a Toledo, Ohio-based American psychedelic progressive rock group formed in the 1990s. Band members Mark Mikel (vocals/guitar/keyboards), David Murnen (vocals/percussion), Mark Kelley (vocals/bass), Scott Tabner (guitar), and Dan Chalmers (drums/vocals) released four albums of some notoriety: one landed them as the first rock band in history to release a double CD of all new original songs as their debut release (The Pillbugs), and another is the only known rock CD to contain a Viewmaster reel (The 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream). Their third album Happy Birthday is considered their poppiest effort, and summer 2007 finally saw the release of Buzz For Aldrin. Their first release on Rainbow Quartz, Monclovia, is a “best of” The Pillbugs’ heavier guitar sound. The dozen strong, catchy tracks were hand-picked from previous releases by Rainbow Quartz label owner Jim McGarry and promises to put The Pillbugs on the map.

Mark pointing out the fact that Monclovia is available everywhere including Bestbuy

Mark Mikel. "There's two new tracks on Monclovia. I wrote 'em. Dan drummed. Scott Tabner played guitar. Davey was MIA on both tracks, I think. Scott Hunt played tamboura, bass guitar and organ on Heres To The End Of Time. I played guitar, bass, guitar synthesizer and organ on FW and sitar on it.
Faceless Wonder was extracted from the Buzz CD line-up. Heres ToThe End Of Time was recorded specifically at McGarry's request. I sent him the demo that was actually meant for Scott Hunt's and my new album we've yet to do. Jim loved it and asked that we record it proper for his release. He was worried that it was too fast and he didn't like the blue note on the verses but he eventually changed his mind. (The song is in C and the blue note is the flat 5 and in this case would be Gb. Reach my arms as far as I can seeee-eeeeee. The blue note is on the first half of "see." And also on words in the lines with the same melody- "Grabbing for the wonder that remai-ains.")
The remixes are my mixes. They were meant to help give the album some more worth to people who already own most of the songs

I remember being elated when Jim told me he wanted Alluring Martha on the CD. He had already picked the 12 songs that were to be used for Monclovia. I was down in Mansfield Ohio at Ken Dudley's converting all the analog versions to be used to 24 bit. digital. McGarry happened to call me while I was there to tell me of a recent revelation: "We gotta have Make Like Arthur Lee and Alluring Martha on this thing. I love those songs." I was really fucking thrilled about Alluring Martha being added. He kept adding more after that and it was starting to get up to 16 songs. I told him the genius of his comp was keeping it 12 songs- if we keep adding more songs, then it's not going to be as tight and powerful. All the other bug discs are like 2 hours long so this would be a great move. So three songs that were supposed to be on Monclovia were deleted (Wait a Minute, Son of Shirley and Walking Along an Edge of Sky)."

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