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The Mark Mikel Hallucination Blatant Ripoffs


This was the actually The Pillbugs before the name change from The Mark Mikel Hallucination They recorded a tribute to other Toledo bands by stealing their songs. Only 1000 copies made. Songs: Serious Folks (The Kind)/I Don't Hope For Her (Gone Daddy Finch)/Belly To The Moon (Uncle Knucklefunk)/Catch My Breath (Tomorrow's Clown)/Busy As A Bee (The Sprags)/Chelsea Day Blues (The Rivermen)/Bessy (The Flecks)/Skin (Moby Jane) bonus tracks: You've Got The Moves (live)/Your Artificial Stand-Up Man (live)/I Am The Walrus (live)/Love Is What You Want (live)/20 Foot Rock Star

Mark Mikel "After the local radio stations stopped playing local bands I knew we just need a good idea to get noticed again so I came up with the brainiac idea of doing an album comprised solely of cover songs by some of the many groups I’d produced records for. The idea was to try and do their songs our way and then give all the discs away at one concert as a tribute to the success of Toledo rock bands. By this time the line up was Mark Kelley, Dan Chambers, Dave Murnen, Scott Tabner and me and the album was a training ground intended to make the band an actual recording entity. The Pillbugs' first recordings are on this in that the first appearance of all five of us would be the live recordings done at Howard's Club H in 1996. A few of those tracks are included as bonus tracks on "Blatant Rip-Offs."

Mark Mikel "I made a reel of tape that I called "The ? Project."I didn't know what I was going to do with these songs (I was used to doing solo albums and there was no Pillbugs yet) and they were mostly experimental. I was recording the songs BEFORE writing them (a method used pretty regularly during the 1st bug CD). The ? project tape turned out to be demos for that first Pillbugs album and it ran like this:Plastic Surgical Holiday
Morning Mr Brain...To You
She Done Alotta Dope
You'd Better Sit Down
The Kick-Around Boy(around this point in the tape I started adding WRITTEN songs)
No Imogene
Comburda (Davey's demo)
Paper Aeroplanes
Pretty Young and Free
As you can see the flow and order was virtually already there. I wrote more parts for Plastic, You'd Better and Kick Around to make them full songs when the bugs re-did them.That was really the second experimental tape I was doing. The first run of experimental (and segue'd) demos was on an earlier reel (while taking a break from Blatant Rip-Offs). That tape was like this:Thou Doth Warm Me (Like The Sun)
I could Never Be A Bird
Black Sombrero
Being Myself
Pretend You're Not Home
So the mood of the next album was pretty well set from those demos. I actually used backing vocals from those demos that I wasn't really willing to re-do.Other songs that were written as they were being recorded:
Captain Nemo (demo)
Illuminating Drink (which was originally 30 mintues long and edited down)
Might As Well Fly To The Moon
Goodnight To Babylon (although Dan had the arrangement down to a science- Davey and I wrote the vocal melodies and lyrics after the basic track was already taped)
And here's a credit that never gets mentioned: The lead vocal on the end of "Morning Mr, Brain ...To You" is Mark Kelley."

tomorrow's clowns

April 1995 - The Amazing Music of Toledo Free CD
This compilation was produced during the spring of 1995 and was released that summer. It featured local bands from Toledo, Ohio. It was the first compilation produced (to my knowledge) whereby local-business advertising dollars more than paid for the manufacturing. The discs were then all given away for free through the businesses that advertised.
1 Agent Dating - The Sprags 2 Under My Car - Lush Puppies 3 Being Myself - The Mark Mikel Hallucination 4 I Know How You Feel - The Gigantics 5 I Could Kill You I Want - Gone Daddy Finch 6 The Laughing Truth - Jason & The Argonauts 7 To The World - Pulled Groin
8 Any Door - Rob Seng 9 Stawberry Flavored Cadaver - Evolotto 10 Q - Glide 11 Lorita - The Kind 12 Sing The Song - Tomorrow's Clown 13 Bessy - The Flecks 14 Rode Hard and Put Up Wet - Michael Robert Dearth 15 Soul Sign - The Stain 16 Thoughts - lb. 17 Silence Begins Now - Chicken Dog 18 South Philly Gestapo - 5 Story Fall 19 Godseed - Descendent

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