Friday, 21 December 2007


Dave Murnen "Barb Petersen helped promote a performance, as a tribute to George Harrison. We played nothing but George Beatle stuff as well as George Beatle stuff. I believe we closed the show with a few songs of our own as an encore. The five of us were quite stressed having to learn all the parts. It was done to sound as authentic as possible. Scotty was probably the most stressed having to cover and learn all those licks. I had a stand up there to guide me through lyrics. Mark got me to sing lead on a quite a bit of it, leaving him more open to cover all the keyboard and guitar bits to complement Scott. Sean filled in on some guitar and bass parts again to cover the large production of some of those later Harrison songs."

Setlist: I Want to Tell You- Not Guilty- Free as A Bird- What is Life- Isn't it A Pity- I Need You- Taxman- Give Me Love -And Your Bird Can Sing- Dig A Pony- Here Comes the Sun- Something- Savoy Truffle- I Me Mine-Dark Horse-While My Guitar Gently Weeps- My Sweet Lord- Piggies- Only A Northern Song- Think for Yourself- All Those Years Ago-Old Brown Shoe- Charlie Blue Car- Pretend Your Not Home- Illuminating Drink- Come Together*- Give Peace A Chance* * with Marc Stacer

Adam Stark “The concert was recorded to dat from very expensive mics. It was intended to be matrix recorded. I couldn't get a clean feed from the sound board But two pro mics were setup one to catch left and one to right. This was never mastered or reduced properly from 16 bit 48 khz to 44.1. I do have the masters as you can see above. Mark could clean the hell out of these but it really was just a audio snapshot of time. The 16 minute live version of "Illuminating Drink" is worth the price of admission!! As well as all others!!! It was a great time and no one else in Ohio could have pulled it off.”

Bootleg cover by Mark Kirk
Mark Mikel “Wow. LOL!! That's a very funny and pretty damn cool boot-cover, MK.Makes me want to buy it. The full dimensional stereo bit cracks me up. Is that concert in stereo? I can't remember.”

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