Saturday, 22 December 2007

The Mellotron

Mark Mikel "My dream instrument to own would be a mellotron. I almost bought the one that was used on all the Grand Funk records. I don't know how famous Grand Funk is internationally but they were very big in the states in the early 70s. The most famous mellotron bit on their stuff was a song called "Closer to Home." I think their biggest hit was "We're an American Band." Todd Rundgren produced them. Anyway the keyboardist (Craig Frost) lives just outside of Toledo over the michigan line. He was selling his mellotron (back in 88) when digital keyboards made it seem as if nobody would ever use one again. It was broken and I couldn't find anyone who knew how to repair one. It was $200 and I didn't buy it. Can you imagine the money I'd get on eBay for that thing now? He had the old Moody Blues one in his garage too. That thing was monsterous.Anyway he is now playing keys for Bob Seger (another famous detroit musician that I have no idea if he made it big over there but he's HUGE here still). I saw Craig last summer and he said to me, "ya know, I'm thinking I should get that mellotron fixed and start using it again." I think he knows how much it's worth now too."

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