Saturday, 22 December 2007


SETLIST:Here's To The End Of Time
Faceless Wonder
4 sec Nightmare In A 5 sec Dream
Good To Be Alive
All In Good Time
Make Like Arthur Lee
Alluring Martha
Charlie Blue Car
Hold Me So Near
King Of Zorg
Liberty Town Of Love

Jammi “The guys were the BEST band there! Big surprise? They were excellent and you'd have never guessed that it was Darrin's first performance with the bugs. They totally rocked NYC and everyone was coming up to us saying the same thing...even the other bands. Equipment breakdowns.....well, at Friday nights practice, Dan accidentally spilled his beer on Mark's keyboard but they ran a fan on it until we left Saturday morning and it seemed to be ok....I later found out that it's a bit sticky, but who knew?”

Mark Mikel “The Mellowmen were a great bunch of guys though the lead singer's a fucking drunk bastard (we like him). We had lots of fun with them. Their music was more akin to ours than any of the other groups too. The Grip Weeds were great too. That drummer was one of the best I've ever seen.Monclovia is a sweet CD too. A very interesting slant on the bugs. The different mastering brings new elements out of the songs. Great graphics work by Mr. Bob Tibbitts. I got one while we were there.”

Jammi and Andreas (Mellowmen)

Mark and Jim McGarry (Rainbow Quartz)

Mark and Anders (Mellowmen)

Dan, Angie and Mark

Mark, Andreas and Peter (Mellowmen)

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Jammi said...

What a fantastic night that was! The Pillbugs absolutely rocked and the Mellowmen were awesome too!
However, I am not familiar with the last 5 picture's here....they had to be from 11/04 or earlier.