Sunday, 6 January 2008

The Monclovia Variations

First idea by Mark Mikel...note original title

Second idea, art by Mark called Monclovia

new lettering by Mick Dillingham

Second Version by MM and MD

Enter graphic artist Bob Tibbitts who did the sleeve design work on Happy Birthday and Buzz For Aldrin

Bob Tibbitts "The Monclovia art was based on a photo I had taken of an underpass near to where I live. I then added effects and rustled up a few ideas based on it for the inside of the booklet. The photos of the band were taken by Matthew Mickel for the Happy Birthday sessions. I used those in a circular formation and added effects and the like (also the Pillbugs embroidered logo to Scott's arm). The pebbles were supplied by Mick Dillingham and the Lava Lamp pics by Jammi.

Box Art Original
Originally Mark Mikel and I collaborated on a quite elaborate presentation for cover art. Mark arranged 'bug artefacts set in a stage with background art by Mark Roland. We spent many hours working on that one, only to have it rejected by the label. They then asked for some other examples to be quickly assembled. I supplied five other examples and they chose the one that is in use today.

Boxart colour variant

Inside cover..unused

back cover pebbles

Unused inside cover

The finished front cover by Bob Tibbitts

single cover idea

another idea

Back in the mid to late sixties Bob Tibbitts was in a band called The Fanatics who gigged quite a bit in Coventry (England) and surrounding areas. They later changed their name to Purple Haze and later still The Drops Of Brandy before calling it a day.

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mondacello said...

I really love the Monclovia cover variations! Especially the second version of Balloonheads and the first Box Art... these ideas have to be used at a later date - there much too good to throw away!
Oh yeah, terrific site Jay... I know I'll be spending many happy hours here.