Monday, 14 January 2008

Blue Kazoo AAA Festival 2006

Dave Murnen

Davey Murnen. "This is the Blue Kazoo performing at the AAA(Auto Club) festival in the fall/summer of 2005..Mark Mikel seated with beard and guitar was sitting in for Callie...who was on maternity leave at this point. The infamous John Pickle pictured standing with guitar...the cat singing with us in black cut off is Don Hiner(DJ) a former member of the original Kazoo line up when i was fourteen...we were known as Shenaniganz then( I nixed the name and changed it when we re-formed..always hated Shenaniganz). DJ can be credited with teachng me how to pick out harmonies. an incredable musicia and well known for his barbershop vocal abilities world wide...seriously.

Mark Mikel

I called Mark a couple weeks prior to this and asked him to sit in. Mark is always great at being told what key a song is in and by the second bar you'd have thought he wrote the freaking thing...always good to jam with me Milk Droog...its like putting on an old jean jacket...just seems to fit."

John Pickle

Photos by Jammi and Jeff Pickle


Hans said...

This is wonderful.

adamic said...

Adamic here. Just a side note my father designed that AAA building in the background! Small world.

Anonymous said...

I was guessing it might be the infamous Museum gig??? Don't know....