Thursday, 10 January 2008

Toledo City Paper July 2003.

Click on pages to enlarge and read.

Thanks to Steve Mumford for the scans.
Turn Me Upside Down... Baby! Toledo City Paper CD 2003
Purpose For Useless Cause - Headed The Wrong Way-Johnny Reed and the Houserockers - That's the Blues-The Knobs - What Do You Want Me To Say?-Junkanoo Brother s- One More Day-MC Habitat - Festival-Glinda's Bubble - Kryptonite-Gregg Aranda - 2 Dollar Bottle of Wine-Dr. Kilpatient - 9 o'Clock-The Pillbugs - If You Can't Remain-Driftwood Whale - Dumptruck Love-Jami Lynn Michelle -Quillen - Cry Like Memphis-Luckey Nite (feat. B TIzzle) - It's Alright-Clint Fox - Life Goes On-E.J. Wells - HearsedriverFive -Horse Johnson - Cherry Red-Nick Motil - Wishes (For Emily)-Three Trio Three - Better Days-Brian Bocian - Sunny-The Griswolds - Boogie In the Dark-Jim Gibson - Up My Sleeve

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