Friday, 19 April 2019

The Pillbugs Marigold Something

Marigold Something
Mrs. Sneed
Holding Back And Up
Making Her Music Louder
Trip Into Darkness
Glad To Meet You, Bob
Queen V
This Is A Wrap
Woman From No Return
Here In A Daydream
Marigold Someone
September Gray

Mark Mikel has been super active this past year. He plays live in Bowling Green, Ohio at Howards Club H every Wednesday and these shows have been absolutely incredible. 

He also has completed a new record with Corky Laing and Chris Shutters for the resurrected 'Mountain' and those three guys are about to embark a short tour of England and France AND Mark recently flew to LA to record lead vocals for a song he wrote that will appear on the upcoming new Alan Parsons record.

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