Saturday, 11 October 2008

Dragonfly Heaven Art

Before the new album was titled Everybody Wants A Way Out it had been called Dragonfly Heaven. The ever wonderful Bob Tibbitts presents the unused cover art ideas for that version here. Over to Bob.

"The 'drawn' art was something that Mark Roland submitted to me for consideration. As it happened the album title was changed and so a new approach was required. Other than the Mark Roland art, the other stuff came from my view of the title, although I hadn't heard any of the new songs, so it was a bit difficult to create an image that represented the upcoming release. I have a hunch that considering other releases on RQ, Jim might have liked the Dragonfly stuff. It is completely different to the style that we eventually decided to go for."
Art by BT
Art by MR
Art by BT
Art by MR and BT
Art by BT
all art copyright the respective gentlemen

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