Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Buzz For Aldrin poster cover

"This is the prototype of the Buzz For Aldrin poster that was intended originally to accompany the Buzz For Aldrin CD release. Unfortunately it proved to be a problem in production because of the size and the number of folds involved. It evolved this way in order to accommodate all the band's lyrics and at a reasonable size that could be read easily. The way I had worked out the folds to arrive with the back of the folded poster showing the credits page opposite the cover, meant that the text would be printed upside-down (but would appear correctly upon folding). You can judge the size of the poster from these photos I took with it unfurled upon my coffee table at home. I believe that it was originally intended that the poster front, the codex created by Mark Roland, would be made available (at a small charge) directly from him. This would be supplied unfolded for framing by the purchaser. Since I created the poster back collage, I made some text amendments to the lyrics and then re- formatted the whole job to appear in booklet form as it is today. The back is still available full size minus lyrics. As you can imagine the front, codex and back collage has much more impact to the eye at this size." Bob Tibbitts 2-03-08.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, so.... whatever DID happen to this idea?